Adaptive Sports & Therapeutic Recreation

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EA Therapeutic Health strives to make healthy, happy, and independent POSSIBLE for all with physical or medical challenges in our community is lived out in our Adaptive Sports and Recreation Programs.

Equitable Access for Inclusion for All

All are welcome!  We are a nonprofit so that everyone can access these effective programs and services.  We strive to have an inclusive program with equitable access with no person turned away.  We believe strongly in supporting diversity, equity and inclusion and strive to have our program reflect our community in identity, culture, gender, and financial abilities.  Inclusion is cool and whether you have no barriers to access or if you feel that you have many barriers to access, we want everyone to thrive through access to our programs.  Our care coordinators are ready to work with you to assess your access barriers and ensure that you can financially participate.  Additionally, we do not want communication barriers to keep you from living your best life.  If you have any need for communication or language services, we are happy to accommodate with interpreter services. We do offer reduced sliding scale fees and free services thanks to our philanthropic supportive community and multiple local and national grantors who support our mission.

We are also an HCBS Organization with the State of MN DHS.  We can assist you to request use of waiver services if applicable.

Check out more about our specific Neurologic Therapy and Wellness ProgramCommunity PT and Health Program, and EA Pediatric Therapy and Family Wellness Program.

Adaptive Sports and Recreation in Southeast MN

We are excited to be leading our community in growing paralympic style sports opportunities for adaptive athletes and adaptive

athletes at heart including the Med City Rollers, a recreational wheelchair basketball program, that is hopeful to grow to become a competitive rostered team soon!  We are looking to grow both youth and adult leagues.  Stay tuned as we add more sports and recreation opportunities for athletes or those with athletic goals for health improvement with physical or medical challenges and people who use wheelchairs or other adaptive equipment for their mobility.

wheelchair basketball

Wheelchair Athlete and Special Athlete Strength and Conditioning Program: Youth and Adult

We are excited to also offer 1:1 or small group strength and conditioning personal training for the adaptive athlete!  Individuals of all abilities can participate in an effective, safe and fun strengthening program with the right assistance, guidance, and access to adaptive equipment.  Our personal trainers are therapeutic health specialists with advanced certifications and training.  We offer classes for both wheelchair-based paralympic-style athletes or special athletes with intellectual or neuro-atypical abilities.  Our team will work with your individual abilities and goals to make programs that work to meet your health and wellness goals. Register below if you are already an EA Athlete or  Start with a free assessment today!