Neurologic Rehabilitation and Adaptive Personal Training

Your journey to reach your independence goals continues here.

Your story of recovery is not over

Yet, so often, following life changing neurologic injury or diagnosis, people are told therapy interventions are no longer covered by their insurance far too soon.  Sometimes, this is only weeks or months after an injury or illness.  At EA’s Neurologic Rehabilitation and Adaptive Training Program, we believe that lifelong access to a specialized physical rehabilitation team in your community plays a key role in improving health, happiness, and independence.  This type of program is highly effective for children through adults and seniors with neurologic injury or diagnosis including stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, Spinal Cord Injury, Brain Injury, Multiple Sclerosis, neuropathies, age-related dementia issues and more!

Experts in guiding you to your health and rehab goals

Your team will include physical, occupational, and/or speech therapy combined with intensive activity based training led by specialized personal trainers who are inclusive fitness trainers AND health coaches. Trained at the Neuro-recovery Learning Network, top researchers in intensive activity-based training and neurorehabilitation, our staff have the best available skills and advanced tools to lead you to optimal success.  Our approach is effective, safe, and proven through vast research studies.  We are confident that you will see an improvement in your quality of life and achieve goals that you never thought were possible.

An innovative resource right here in Southeast Minnesota to continue your journey

EA Therapeutic Health is a unique model of care that will bridge the gap from rehabilitation to a lifelong wellness plan.  This program is located in the community where it should be instead of in the depths of a medical center.  We bring all of the same innovative rehab technologies that you had in the medical center with easy parking, easy scheduling, and friendly knowledgeable staff.  And did you know, we are one of two activity based neuro recovery centers in the upper Midwest?  Don’t delay to check out this unique resource that is right here in your backyard.

Not from Rochester? No problem!  Check out the Neuro Hospitality House or other great accommodations in Rochester.

Physical Therapy

Research and experience have shown us that ongoing intensive rehabilitation to continue to challenge the nervous system through assisted movement and exercise is the key to improved independence lifelong.   At EA Therapeutic Health, our physical therapy staff are specialists in neurologic recovery. We dedicate ourselves to helping you regain movement, decrease pain, and restore overall movement to achieve your optimal independence. We offer advanced rehabilitation technologies in our clinic such as body weight supported activities and electrical stimulation assisted bicycling. Our staff is also specialized in diagnoses including chronic pain/fibromyalgia treatment, senior balance and dizziness, and chronic complex medical deconditioning.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists can help you regain life skills such as returning to work duties, improving memory strategies for health management tasks, implement coping tools for stress management, or improve independence with household tasks. We utilize treatment techniques to give you modifications and adaptation tools, as well as ways to improve your abilities. The goal is to help you manage stress, promote independence, regain movement, decrease pain, and achieve overall wellness.

Adaptive Personal Training

Our personal trainers are essential members of your neurologic recovery team.  They are Certified Inclusive Fitness Trainers. Certified Therapeutic Recreation Therapists, Exercise Physiologists, and Health Coaches.  They are exceptionally trained in many areas of specialized exercise and wellness including the Neuro Recovery Network based intensive activity-based training .  Additional specialties include Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery!, stroke wellness, autism fitness, SAIL (Stay Active and Independent for Life) Senior balance fitness, Tai Chi and more.  We follow the evidence that proves a well rounded exercise program involving strengthening, balance and agility, aerobic exercise and flexibility adaptive to safely work with any persons physical abilities will help any person continue to reach their physical and independence goals beyond the current health insurance model.  Receiving skilled guidance and physical assist from our staff to push yourself beyond your perceived ability limits and will get you to those goals in a safe and efficient way.  You will also have access to our advanced rehabilitation technologies including Body weight supported devices, motorized and electrical stimulation stationary bikes, vibration units, wheelchair accessible fitness equipment, stretching mats, and more.  A regular guided exercise routine will also establish healthy habits to reach other health goals.

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