Fitness & Therapy - Reimagined

Our Mission

Providing physical rehabilitation and adaptive health and fitness solutions to children and adults in our community. 

Our Vision

At EA, we provide equitable lifelong access to safe and effective physical health improvement solutions designed to achieve optimal quality of life by improving the health and independence of children and adults living with neurological or physical health conditions. 

Career Opportunities:

Pediatric Practice

Pediatric Physical Therapist– EA Child Services is looking to hire for a position that can be flexible to either part-time not benefitted up to 32+ hours per week or a full time benefitted position.  We are looking for an experienced pediatric physical therapist who is excited to build a dynamic and innovative practice across the age spectrum from birth to 14 years old within our lifespan birth to 99 physical therapy + therapeutic play, health and recreation clinic.  We have a strong focus on neurologic interventions with innovative equipment and boundless resources to love the work you do! We also have aquatic therapy opportunities and adaptive sports and fitness camps and classes as wonderful resources for your practice.

Adult Practice

Physical Therapy and Exercise Technician: EA is looking for an energetic and engaging person to join our team as a technician (Aide) in our rehabilitation and exercise department.  This job is an entry level position and is great for a recent college graduate with a bachelor’s degree in health science or exercise sciences.  You will work side by side with our physical therapy and therapeutic health specialists with real world, hands on work in improving the health and wellbeing of people (children through seniors) living with neurologic conditions and physical disability to live a healthy, happy and independent life.  This can be a great experience for graduate school applications and also can serve as a start for your career as a specialized exercise specialist in the neurologic and disability wellness world at EA.

Adult Neurologic Occupational Therapist:  EA Adult and Senior Services is looking to hire an Occupational Therapist that is experienced in adult and senior neurologic practice and excited to engage with patients in supporting them in our innovative EA service model of past rehabilitation care for lifelong, long term wellness.  This position is extremely flexible and part-time, with hours able to flex to fit your ideal work schedule.  It has potential to build to full time if the interest in program development is there.  At EA, the occupational therapist works as a team member in a unique community transitional rehabilitation program, connecting care from inpatient and initial outpatient rehabilitation to post rehabilitation wellness.  In this roll, the occupational therapist will work with physical therapy and exercise specialists to develop and manage a care plan for long term support.  This will commonly involve creating wellness plans that include cognitive, mobility, and strength enhancing fitness and leisure health activity plan that is carried out primarily by our therapeutic health team.  The Occupational Therapist at EA engages with all clients regularly to ensure their rehab oriented program is updated and progressing successfully.  At EA, we have a strong focus on neurologic interventions with innovative equipment and boundless resources to love the work you do! Introducing clients to assistive technologies to improve daily function with ADL’s is also a strong part of this position.  Contact us today to learn more!


Internships available in many areas of rehabilitation, exercise science, and therapeutic recreation.  Contact Lori Banks at 507-361-1876 for more information on upcoming openings!

All inquiries send resume and application to

If we do not have any active openings in your area, feel free to send your resume to or call 507-259-7570.  We will keep your application on file until an opening becomes available.