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Students Internships

At EA Therapeutic Health, we enjoy working with students and helping them receive real-world experience. Here are some areas we work with currently:

Physical Therapy graduate internships/affiliation: We have contracts with several PT schools and are always open to more contracts. Please contact us at for more information on setting up an internship/affiliation.

Exercise Technician Internships: We like to have at least one formal Exercise Science Intern at all times. This is usually a 1 to 3-month internship, dependent on school requirements. Full Exercise Technician Internship description can be found here. We work with several area University programs. To request an internship position, send a resume and request to

UMR Final experience: We love to work with the UMR final student project. Please contact to set up your customized experience to get hands-on experience as an intern.

We also have opportunities available in:

  • Marketing
  • Exercise
  • Social work/case management
  • Business administration

Please contact us at for more information on these internship opportunities.