Therapy and Adaptive Fitness for Children & Teens

Creating healthy, happy, and independent children!

EA Therapeutic Health’s Child and Teen Services Program is Southeast MN’s only full services therapy and adaptive fitness & play center.  Our rehabilitation therapists and therapeutic recreation staff understand your unique challenges and tailor activities with the goal to help every child and teen be happy, healthy, and as independent as possible.  Your goals are our goals.  Our brand-new facility is designed specifically for you to succeed to grow to be a successful adult.  Right next door to our adult and senior program, we offer a lifelong growth opportunity as you transition and grow through the years.

Take a virtual tour of the new child services facility located at the rear of 2518 Broadway Ave, Rochester.

Who will benefit?

  • Is your child or teen delayed in achieving developmental milestones such as crawling, talking, socially interacting, or walking?
  • Does your child or teen seem to have more difficulty than other children their age with anxiety or challenges with the way they process incoming information?
  • Is your child or teen delayed in social skills as compared to their friends?
  • Has your child or teen been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, Down’s Syndrome, cerebral palsy, or developmental delay?
  • Does your child or teen require more therapy than offered in the birth to three or school-based therapy programs to meet their goals now and throughout life.

Services & Programs

Pediatric physical therapy addresses a variety of limitations and difficulties that a child may be having at home, in the classroom, or community. The goal of skilled physical therapy is to enable the child to be able to participate in age-appropriate activities and to assist each child in reaching their maximum potential. The focus of physical therapy will entail one-on-one care addressing:

Mobility | Balance | Endurance | Strengthening | Coordination | Stretching | Posture & Positioning | Equipment Needs | Aquatic therapy

Pediatric occupational therapy addresses the child’s difficulties performing the expected activities that occur within their day. A child’s typical roles are play, school (learning), self cares (brushing teeth, bathing) and household chores. Treatment addresses the following:

Fine Motor Skills

Social Skills in the Context of Play

Attention Difficulties

Managing Arousal Levels

Upper Body Strength & Coordination


Self-Help Skills (Feeding, Dressing, & Bathing)

Sensory Processing Disorders

Personal Behavior Modulation

Following Directions and Problem-Solving

Positioning, Adaptive Equipment

The speech-language pathologist can work with your child to improve many areas of communication. Diagnoses include:

Autism Spectrum

Developmental Delay

Birth-to-3 Development Needs

Down Syndrome, Articulation

Receptive and expressive language disorders

And many more!

EA offers both 1:1 and small group Adaptive Fitness and Therapeutic Play (known as FIT 4 Play) as an effective and beneficial service to reinforce and strengthen the benefits of your child or teens therapy.  Sometimes known as Play Therapy or Adaptive Athletics, recent research has shown that therapy visits alone is often not enough and that your child or teen needs practice in a therapy aware setting.  They will have improved outcomes if they also participate in individualized programming that takes therapy to the next level.

Our Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, Danielle, will work with the therapists here at EA to determine the best fit for what your child needs to continue to work on their skills to reach the ultimate goal of meaningful and successful participation in school group play or athletics.  They may require 1:1 practice before they are ready for a small group.  Once ready, we encourage the move to small group to further practice their skills with peers.  This process will set them up for success at school, in community rec programs, and into adulthood!

To add Fit 4 Play to your child’s or teens therapy program, ask your therapist or call us to schedule a consultation. This 1:1 or small group program is based on Autism Fitness Theory.  Also great for children with only physical challenges, Fit 4 Play provides your child an opportunity to practice social and movement skills with peers in an inclusive and safe play-based environment while being active and having fun.  Children will run, jump, play, take turns, communicate, complete fine motor crafts, sensory explore, and more all while being positively supported for the unique challenges that may make play difficult for them in school and at home.

Additionally, we also have health coaches available to assist with obesity reduction or prevention. Our health coaches will help your child or teen focus on goals to increase their physical activity and learn to pick healthy food choices.  We do so in a supportive and family-led approach.

How much does it cost?

  • Our rehabilitation services, including Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech Therapy are generally covered by health insurance. You may request a copy of our fee schedule for therapy services.
  • We are proud to accept all government and commercial payers. We accept and are in network with MN Medicaid, Medicare, Ucare, BCBS, Medica, Tier II Mayo Medica, United Health Care, South Country Alliance, Aetna, and more. We can provide you a superbill for any insurances which are out of network.
  • For all services beyond therapy, we accept the following forms of payment:
    • Cash
    • Credit or Debit
    • Waivers – we accept CSG, CDCS payments and also are a licensed 245D provider.  We will work directly with your case manager to create a service agreement for direct pay from your DD, CADI or other waiver programs.  Contact your case manager with questions if any of these apply.
    • Adaptive Exercise and Play Program Fees
      • $83/hour for 1:1 Adaptive Fitness, Therapeutic Play, Adaptive Athlete Personal Training, or Health Coaching
      • Camps and Classes are individually priced.  See our link below for the latest class and camp offerings
      • We offer reduced and sliding scale fees according to a Financial Assessment Application.  Please ask our staff if you would like to be considered for financial assistance.

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Outpatient pediatric therapy and adaptive fitness services are a great addition to your school-based programming to assist your child to achieve their goals.