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EA Therapeutic Health – Therapy and Adaptive Fitness for Kids

EA Therapeutic Health’s Child and Teen Program is a place for your child or teen to belong.  Our rehabilitation therapists and therapeutic recreation staff understand their unique challenges and tailor activities with a goal to help every child be happy, healthy, and as independent as possible.  Our brand new facility is designed specifically for your child’s success!   We also offer educational programming for family wellbeing to bring health and happiness to the entire family!  Take a virtual tour of the new facility located at the rear of 2518 Broadway Ave, Rochester.

Who will benefit from child and teen services and programs?

  • Is your child or teen delayed in achieving developmental milestones such as crawling, talking, socially interacting, or walking?
  • Does your child or teen seem to have more difficulty than other children their age with anxiety or challenges with the way they process incoming information?
  • Is your child or teen delayed in social skills as compared to their friends?
  • Has your child or teen been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, Down’s Syndrome, cerebral palsy, or developmental delay?
  • Does your child or teen require more therapy than offered in the birth to three or school based therapy program to meet their goals now and lifelong?

Why seek additional therapeutic interventions for your child or teen such at therapeutic play in Fit 4 Play or health coaching?

Children with delays in development benefit from practice and personalized training through outpatient physical, occupational, recreational and speech therapies, extending school-based and early childhood therapy programs. Progress improves with an individualized therapeutic program when added to their school or ABT plan. The unique addition of therapeutic play in our recreational therapy program provides a place to practice integration of skills learned in therapy.  Additionally, we know that children and teens, especially those with disability, are facing increasing levels of sedentary activity and obesity.  Our health coaches will work with your child, teen, and family to improve their health and happiness!

We work with the child or teen and family over their lifespan, offering a smooth transition to our adult program as they grow out of pediatric equipment or play and take on new roles in the community such as work, sports, and leisure.

Ready to help your child or teen become happier, healthier, and more independent?   Call us at 507-259-7570 or fill out this CONTACT FORM and our staff will contact you.

NO NEED TO WAIT FOR A MEDICAL PROVIDER REFERRAL – WE TAKE DIRECT INQUIRIES.  We will then assist you to get anything you may need to assist you to receive potential insurance coverage for applicable services.

We work with most major insurances and are Mayo Medica Tier Two in-network.


Pediatric occupational therapy addresses the child’s difficulties performing the expected activities that occur within their day. A child’s typical roles are play, school (learning), self cares (brushing teeth, bathing) and household chores. Treatment addresses the following:

  • Fine motor skills
  • Social skills in the context of play
  • Attention difficulties
  • Managing arousal levels
  • Upper body strength and coordination
  • Balance
  • Self-help skills, such as feeding, dressing, and bathing
  • Sensory processing disorders
  • Personal behavior modulation
  • Following directions and problem-solving
  • Positioning, adaptive equipment


Speech language pathologist can work with your child to improve many areas of communication. Diagnoses include:

  • Autism spectrum
  • Developmental delay
  • Birth-to-3 development needs
  • Down Syndrome, articulation
  • Receptive and expressive language disorders
  • And many more!


Pediatric physical therapy addresses a variety of limitations and difficulties that a child may be having at home, in the classroom or community. The goal of skilled physical therapy is to enable the child to be able to participate in age appropriate activities and to assist each child to reach their maximum potential. Focus of physical therapy will entail one-on-one care addressing the following:

  • Mobility
  • Balance
  • Endurance
  • Strengthening
  • Coordination
  • Stretching
  • Posture and positioning
  • Equipment needs
  • Aquatic therapy


Fit 4 Play is a functional small group program which is based on Autism Fitness Theory.  Fit 4 Play provides your child an opportunity to practice social skills with peer in an inclusive and safe environment while being active and having fun.  This program is led by our therapeutic health team in coordination with our therapy staff and trained volunteers.  Children will run, jump, play, take turns, communicate, complete fine motor crafts, sensory explore and more all while being positively supported for the unique challenges that may make play difficult for them in school and at home.  See our events page for upcoming classes.

Additionally, our health coaches will help your child or teen focus on goals to increase their physical activity and learn to pick healthy food choices.  We do so in a supportive and family led approach.

Client Story: @AlongsideAna

“Ana has been surviving cancer for 12 years.  Most pediatric cancer parents can attest, the battle is accompanied with numerous short- and long-term side effects that dramatically impact the quality of life.  During and following surgeries and treatments, Ana experienced decreased strength, balance, coordination, and fine motor abilities, as well as weakness and fatigue, pain, drug-induced peripheral neuropathy, foot drop, and executive dysfunction…CLICK HERE TO READ MORE


Financial donations and volunteers help make this possible

Financial donations, purchasing items for play, and volunteers make our work to serve all children and families equally.  We are determined to break down the social and financial access barriers to therapy services today!  No child or family should go without needed therapies because of insurance class, transportation issues, or social barriers.   We will meet our mission of making healthy, happy, and independent possible for every child by offering scholarship to those who cannot afford services and programs.

We thank you for considering a donation, purchase of a toy from our amazon wish list, or volunteering your time with an upcoming event.

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Outpatient pediatric therapy and adaptive fitness services are a great addition to your school-based programming to assist your child to achieve their goals.