Child and Adolescent years are filled with the need to reach social and physical milestones, overcome obstacles, and build skills for future independence. Our youth services team specializes in creating individualized programs to guide the various areas of development for youth (ages birth to 17) and their families. Together, we will work to overcome obstacles, gain skills, increase strength, and set a foundation for future success and independence.

Our comprehensive, fun, and positive approach will supplement school-based therapy programs in the areas of physical therapy, health coaching and nutrition, and adaptive fitness and sports.

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The EA Way

At EA, we're different. We are proud to offer expert physical therapy that is expanded with therapeutic health services to help youth reach their goals. Each program will be guided by individual goals rather than what insurance will cover. To promote progress and growth, services may include guided personal training, health coaching and nutrition, adaptive fitness and sports, and specialized classes. We are here to help children and teens take their physical therapy to the next level through several stages of progress including:

Physical Therapy

Innovative neuro-recovery and complex medical rehabilitation with your physical therapist in a state-of-the-art gym.

Beyond PT

Physical therapy informed adaptive fitness with specialized trainers and regular support from your physical therapist.

Forever Strong

Lifelong supported or independent health and wellness at the gym, in the community, and at home.

Serving Youth Experiencing:

 Autism Spectrum Disorder

 Brain Injury

 Cerebral Palsy

 Chronic Pain

 Complex Medical Conditions

 Developmental Disabilities

 Endurance & Strength Difficulties

 Emotional & Social Development Needs




 Spinal Cord Injury


The goal of skilled physical therapy is to enable youth to be able to participate in age-appropriate activities and reach their maximum potential. Physical therapy can directly address a variety of goals for children and teens to be successful at home, in the classroom, and in the community.

At EA, we work with youth at every stage of development. Although each person's needs are unique, physical therapy at EA will entail one-to-one care to improve balance, mobility, endurance, strength, coordination, posture, and more.

Young children will build skills and abilities to achieve milestones such as crawling, walking, socially interacting, and being physically active. Teens will work to be active and independent in school activities, at work, and in the community.

Physical Therapy | EA Therapeutic Health


Children and teens love to be busy, but limited mobility may stand in the way of living the active lifestyle they desire. For this reason, we offer many options for youth to exercise, improve physical health, and connect with peers through fitness and sports.

Our fully accessible private gym is available for regular workouts, scheduled fitness classes, training for strength and conditioning, and camaraderie with fitness friends.

For youth who are ready to hit the court, we offer annual wheelchair basketball clinics and leagues - this is even open to people who don't regularly use a wheelchair. We are a proud member of Move United. View the league requirements here.


With physical therapy at the core of our practice, we believe it's critical to teach youth how a healthy lifestyle will impact the way they move, feel, and live. Our team works with youth and families on all factors of well-being including learning healthy habits for eating, exercising, and making independent choices.

Through a creative and hands-on approach, we will work through real-world scenarios and have conversations to ensure we are guiding youth to a plan that will work for them. Our goal is to begin healthy habits early to allow them to seamlessly move into thriving adulthood.

Teen Services


Three times each year, we release a new lineup of class and camp options that are sure to please the shyest of children and pickiest of teens. You'll find a variety of 1:1 and group options offered for various abilities, interests, and skill levels. Each class and camp is led by professional staff, students in training, and trained professional volunteers. Peruse the catalog below and sign up online.

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