Your donation matters.

A nonprofit with a mission to provide the best physical rehabilitation and adaptive health and fitness solutions to children, teens, adults and seniors in our community!

We are proud to be a 501(c)(3)  (EIN: 45-5214117) non-profit. Your support will give needed access to therapeutic health improvement and rehabilitation programs for those with huge goals to improve their quality of life but no ability to pay. Disability knows no bias and is encountered by individuals of all races, genders, ages, and family financial standing. Access must be equal, inclusive, and financially affordable.

A Strong Community Builds its Foundation Together….

We are so excited to announce that EA Therapeutic Health has almost met our goal of providing 100% equal access, zero barrier, wellbeing, wellness, and physical rehabilitation programs and services! But we cannot meet this goal alone. Our community can make this goal a reality.

Our Vision:  Our community will achieve optimal health when people of all abilities achieve access with no barriers to needed therapeutic health promotion support through lifelong physical rehabilitation, specialized fitness, well-being programs and adaptive therapeutic recreation.

Our Nonprofit Strategic Goal:  We are the first All-Access Rehabilitation and Wellness Care Clinic in the upper Midwest at our current location, offering services and programs for those who require free or a reduced fees for children through adults with disability or chronic medical conditions who otherwise have no ability to pay for needed services.

Ready to help make this work possible?  We are looking for medical and rehabilitation professionals, retirees, and students with a desire to give their time to increase access to therapeutic health programs and services.  We can do this with the help of our community.

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