Introducing the Neubie Device: Redefining Rehabilitation as We Know It!

EA Therapeutic Health is excited to be a provider of the Neubie device! This machine falls under the electrical stimulation category but has been shown to have advantages over the other devices. Since we are all about providing the best care with our current therapy services, we are proud to add this new technology to our repertoire.

 In this post, we will be informing you all about the Neubie. First, we will dive into what electrical stimulation is to give you a baseline knowledge. Then we will talk about this wonderful device and what it can do for you.

About Electrical Stimulation

Electrical stimulation involves nerves and muscles being stimulated by electrical currents. They are sent through the skin via electrodes which causes contractions in the muscles.

This is a kind of physical therapy treatment that has its use dating back to 500 BC with the Ancient Egyptians! It can help with chronic pain, injuries, muscle weakness, blood circulation, nerve inflammation, muscle spasms and more.

There are several types of electrical stimulation devices that physical therapists offer as a treatment option. They are typically used as just one part of a patient’s treatment plan and not the sole treatment. People can even purchase them for at-home usage.

Although all the electrical stimulation devices have the same concept, there are some differences between them. These include the following:

  • Waveform of currents– The devices either have alternating, Russian or direct waveforms. Alternating means the current moves bidirectionally, Russian has an alternating current with a medium frequency and direct means that the current moves in one direction. Most electrical stimulation devices use an alternating current.
  • Pulse- This refers to whether the currents are pulsed (starts and stops), the duration and frequency of the pulses.
  • Intensity levels- Each device is turned to different intensities to have the effect that one is looking for.
  • Durations of each treatment session- Each device has different treatment durations that are recommended.

For an example of one of these devices, let’s look at the TENS unit. The name “TENS” stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. It is a device that many people have heard of and can be bought at reasonable prices. It has a pulsed alternating current and is used for temporary pain relief. The recommended session duration is 20-60 minutes, several times a day.

The Neubie

The Neubie device was created by a company called NeuFit. Its name stands for “neuro-bio-electric stimulator” and is part of the company’s treatment method.

The Neubie takes a different approach to electrical stimulation. It does this by tapping more into the neuromuscular aspect of our body and provides a re-education on how to move more functionally. This is advantageous to physical rehabilitation as it causes a potent form of treatment with longer-lasting effects.

The following are other reasons that the Neubie is in a class of its own:

  • Type of current- This device uses a pulsed direct current. Unlike other devices that use a direct current, the Neubie does not cause burns and irritation due to the unique use of two waveforms.
  • Doesn’t cause the body to put up a fight- Sometimes with the alternating current devices, the body tries to protect itself from the electrical stimulation. This makes the healing process go slower.
  • Movement during treatment- Patients can move while in a Neubie treatment session due to the way it is engineered to work. This has been shown to lead to faster results as patients have to work through the contractions and thus learn to move more efficiently.
  • Reduced stress response- The Neubie is less likely to cause a stress response in the body. When the body is stressed out, it has a hard time healing.
  • Better level of fitness- The Neubie can improve one’s fitness level due to it being able to increase the power in muscles. This can then lead to a higher level of intensity in workouts and/or sports competitions.
  • FDA approval- The Neubie is FDA-approved for several uses including better blood circulation, muscle atrophy prevention, pain, range of motion issues and more. It is important to note that not all electrical stimulation devices are FDA-approved and can even cause harm.

As you can see, the Neubie device provides a more natural way to help people get on their way to recovery and rehabilitation.

Treatment Sessions with the Neubie

Our caring therapists here at EA Therapeutic Health will go the extra mile to make your Neubie treatment sessions good experiences for you.

At the first session, a process called “mapping” will be done. This is when an electrode is attached to the body and your therapist will manually scan your body with another electrode to see where the “hot spots” are. These refer to areas around the body where discomfort is felt.

Once these areas to focus on are figured out, treatment with your therapist can then begin. For this, you will have the Neubie electrodes placed on you. The currents will then be turned to a certain level that is not painful but may cause some discomfort. Next, you will be instructed to make movements and work through the feelings that the currents cause.

You will eventually find yourself adapting to the levels the currents are at and be able to take on higher ones.  This means that you are experiencing a re-education of your neuromuscular system as is one of the goals and benefits of the Neubie device!

Some positive changes can be felt in your first session but staying consistent and having multiple Neubie sessions will yield even more transformative results.

Wrapping Things Up

We are pleased to be a Neubie Grant Winner here at EA Therapeutic Health! This device will be an amazing physical therapy treatment option for our current and new clients. It will help people to move better to achieve an overall healthy life.

Contact us to schedule a Neubie session and get on a path to healing and recovery.

Want to know more about the Neubie device? Check out the NeuFit website and keep tabs on our website to see videos and testimonials from our clients who have done Neubie sessions with us!

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