Is Physical Therapy for Everyone?

What do you think about when you hear “physical therapy?” Do you think about speech therapy? Exercises for chronic pain? What about adaptive fitness and sports? A common misconception about physical therapy is that it is only needed by individuals with lifelong disabilities or serious injuries in need of physical rehabilitation. However, therapeutic services can be beneficial to all people, regardless of ability, age, income, and level of fitness.

Why is Physical Therapy Important?

As a health service, physical therapy aims to improve range of motion, reduce pain, and prevent further disability or injury. Most of all, physical therapy will increase overall quality of life. However, this is just the beginning of the benefits physical therapy has on those willing to invest time into their health. Other benefits include:

  • Quicker Recovery: Physical therapy can be an essential factor for those recovering from a stroke or other injury. A licensed physical therapist will know the best interventions for your body, helping you in regaining as much normal and independent functioning as possible.
  • Pain Management: Rather than utilizing prescription medication, physical therapy can be a natural source to reduce or eliminate pain from injuries and certain conditions. This can be accomplished through techniques including electrical stimulation, ice and heat, soft tissue manipulation, and physical exercises.
  • Increase Mobility: Strengthening and stretching exercises is another way to restore maximum mobility and range of motion safely, all while promoting circulation and increasing awareness of your body and body movements.
  • Reduce Fall Risk: Physical therapy works to build your strength, boost your endurance, and improve balance. This will help to reduce the risk of falls, allowing you to maintain your independence safely.

Who Does Physical Therapy Help?

At EA Therapeutic Health, we provide lifelong physical therapy and health and fitness services so everyone can move well, feel well, and be well. This means we support individuals from all walks of life, experiencing a wide variety of challenges. Depending on your needs and personal preferences, we offer a variety of adaptive services. From classes to camps to one-on-one therapeutic programs, our therapeutic health specialists are here to fill the needs of all people.

How Does EA Provide PT for All?

Translation Services

Cultivating a trusting relationship between clients and physical therapists is essential in the success of the program. However, this is not always as easy as it may seem. Minnesota is a diverse state where many languages are spoken. In fact, according to the Migration Policy Institute, 12% of Minnesotans speak a language other than English at home. To ensure that your language does not become a barrier to your physical therapy journey, we offer translation services, making sure our clients get the quality help they deserve.

Age Services

As we age, our needs change. Therefore, we provide a variety of PT, OT, speech therapy, health and nutrition coaching, and adaptive fitness options for all age groups.

  • 0-12 Years: Our child services are built around the challenges of childhood development and need to reach milestones, overcome obstacles, and build skills for future independence.
  • 12-18 Years: Our teen services reflect the transitionary period they are facing, filled with growth challenges and goals to become independent adults.
  • 18-64 Years: Our adult services utilize a comprehensive and positive approach, serving as rehab and support for the injuries, illnesses, and conditions that threaten quality of life.
  • 65+ Years: Our senior services help with the injuries, illnesses, and conditions that arise with aging, causing continuous pain, and limiting independence.

Fully Accessible Facility

Our facility has a state-of-the-art accessible gym, making lifelong wellness accessible and successful for all. Through our caregiver training, personal fitness training, and adaptive sports and recreation programs, our therapeutic health specialists will lead you to SAFE Success – Safe, Active, Fun, and Effective.

Financial Pathways

Another common issue individuals comes across when navigating health care is the sheer costs of the services. We understand this struggle and have taken steps to ensure the financial burden of physical therapy does not prevent you from getting the help you need. At EA, we offer several pathways to payment, so you get the coverage and therapeutic health services that are best for you.

Injury or disability can happen at any stage of life for a variety of reasons, but it does not need to decrease you or your loved one’s quality of life. We are here to provide the guidance and support you need during your health and wellness journey to maintain independence. Contact us today to request an appointment or to learn more about how our diverse and inclusive physical therapy services can increase the quality of life of you and your loved ones.

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