Long COVID and Physical Therapy: A Path to Recovery

Long COVID is a condition that affects some people after they have recovered from a bout of the COVID-19 virus. Since it’s emergence, the condition has presented a unique set of challenges and complexities in the medical community with even professionals suffering from it as well. While the symptoms and severity of long COVID vary, … Read more

Mental Health and the Transformative Power of Exercise

Mental health and exercise

When it comes to exercise, many see it as something that is great for their physical health. While that is very true, it is important to know that it also has positive effects on one’s mental health. You are not just building muscle or improving your endurance level- you are working on your whole self. … Read more

Why is Exercise Important?

Have you ever heard the statement “Exercise is Medicine”? You’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it again – exercise is important and effective. Although the majority of people likely agree with that statement, the CDC states that only 24.2% of Americans are meeting the standards. So, how do we reset our minds? Let’s try … Read more

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