Volunteering and Career Exploration: Aspirations Meet Profession

Career Exploration Opportunities for Students Volunteering at EA

Volunteering in the physical therapy or personal training field is both rewarding and educational. You get to assist in helping people with their health so that they can feel better all while deepening one’s understanding of the careers. Here at EA Therapeutic Health, we offer volunteering opportunities that are great for students who are considering … Read more

Long COVID and Physical Therapy: A Path to Recovery

Long COVID is a condition that affects some people after they have recovered from a bout of the COVID-19 virus. Since it’s emergence, the condition has presented a unique set of challenges and complexities in the medical community with even professionals suffering from it as well. While the symptoms and severity of long COVID vary, … Read more

Why is Exercise Important?

Have you ever heard the statement “Exercise is Medicine”? You’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it again – exercise is important and effective. Although the majority of people likely agree with that statement, the CDC states that only 24.2% of Americans are meeting the standards. So, how do we reset our minds? Let’s try … Read more

3 Reasons to Love Physical Therapy

Love physical therapy

Many people view physical therapy as a short-term solution to jumpstart recovery, build strength, and achieve overall health. While it is a proven rehabilitative option, that is often only the first step. When combined with physical therapy informed wellness, it can be a helpful long-term option to help you live an active, independent, and pain … Read more

The Importance of Men’s Health

Men’s health and wellness is something that should be taken seriously, especially as men age. As men get older there is often an increased chance of illnesses like heart disease, lung issues, unintentional injury, and even a decrease in mobility. Each of these issues may lead to a decrease in independence. Too often, men will … Read more

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